navpicEveryone has a right to be buried in the churchyard of the parish in which they live – assuming that one exists, and that there is space left.

There is normally a fee charged for digging a grave. In a local authority cemetery there may be a further charge if you wish to purchase the exclusive right of burial. This means that no further burials can take place in that grave without your permission. In many areas, you need to purchase the exclusive right of burial if you want to put up a memorial.

There are alternatives to a burial in a churchyard or cemetery, such as burial in a vault, burial at sea and woodland burials.

Many bereaved people take comfort from placing belongings such as photographs and letters in the coffin with the person they have lost. It may also be your wish that they are dressed in their own clothing. And that the coffin is decorated to reflect an interest or pastime they may have enjoyed. In a burial, there are fewer restrictions about possessions, clothing and decoration than in a cremation.

At Melia Funeral Services, we have our own private cemetery close to one of Calderdale’s best known sites – Wainhouse Tower.