Arranging a funeral is a highly personal matter and whilst some people prefer to have a smaller, more intimate service, others prefer a more elaborate celebration of somebody’s life.

Decisions should be made early on for the following:

  • Whether it will be a burial or cremation.
  • Where the funeral will take place (church, cremation chapel, cemetery chapel, graveside, elsewhere).

We would then need to know:

  • The personal details of the deceased (full name, address and age).
  • Where the deceased is currently resting.
  • Who the deceased’s doctor is and how they can be contacted.
  • Whether a death certificate has been issued.
  • If the funeral will be a religious or non-religious ceremony.

Our friendly staff will be able to advise on the finer details of the arrangements, including:

  • The choice of coffin or casket.
  • How the deceased will be dressed.
  • The funeral day including; transport, catering, music choices, flowers and donations.
  • Placing an obituary.